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Vlone X Nav

As all of us already know that Nav is very specific about their collaboration. Their collaborations are usually quite successful and that’s the reason people go crazy whenever NAV announces their new collaboration. In the past, we have seen Nav collaborating with big brands like VLONE

Recently, the Vlone X Nav collection was launched and both Vlone and Nav fans are very excited. This collection has some exciting clothing items. They are not only extremely stylish but also very comfortable for men of all ages. 

It is predicted that just like last year’s Vlone x Nav collection is going to be a huge success as fans are already very excited about it. 

What does the Vlone X Nav Collection Include? 

Vlone X Nav collaboration is one of the audience’s favorite Collabs. This collection is mostly famous for Stylish and comfortable hoodies and T-shirts. This collection has hoodies and shirts for men of all ages. From teenagers to adults you can find a huge variety of T-shirts and Hoodies at the same place. 

Vlone X Nav clothing items are a mixture of cotton and polyester, these items are specially manufactured to fulfill the comfort needs of all humans. These T-shirts are soft and smooth, and the best part is you can wear them in all seasons. Just mix and match them with other clothing items to create everyday unique looks. 

The Vlone X Nav hoodies are the best clothing piece for winters, they keep the body warm and at the same time fulfill the style requirements. 

What are the most popular articles of the Vlone x Nav Collection? 

Though all the articles of this collection are stylish and unique. But some of the most popular articles include: 

VLONE x NAV DovesGood Intentions Hoodie: 

If you want to add a boom to your fashion life, then there is no better option than Doves Good intention hoodie. These hoodies are available in white color. The fabric of Dove’s good intention hoodie is soft, smooth, and comfortable, that of course is a perfect choice for cold weather. The cuffs are found to be gripped where the bottom is fluffies as compared to the normal hoodies. The best and the most stylish thing about it is the Dove V-shaped logo on the backside. In short Vlone x Nav Dove’s good intention hoodie has become a wardrobe essential for every man out there. 

VLONE NAV Hip Hop Unisex Hoodie: 

If you are more into lighter shades then Vlone Nav Hip hop unisex hoodie is the best choice for you. This hoodie is highly warm and soft. As compared to other hoodies, unisex hoodies come in freestyle and lose fit. As the name suggests unisex hoodie is a perfect choice for both men and women. And its freestyle allows you to style it at any age. (adults and teenagers both). It has two logos, one at the pocket and one at the back. 

Hip Hop unisex hoodie is available here for only $224.99

Vlone Staple V Navy Blue T-shirt: 

T-shirts are the wardrobe essential of every man present on the face of this planet. You might have had tons of T-shirts before but the Vlone Staple Navy blue T-shirt is unique and it has its charm. V Navy blue T-shirt is soft and easy to carry. The plus point is you can rock it in different seasons. Vlone bad habits T-shirt is available for $134.00 only. 

Why is the Vlone X Nav collection so unique? 

Vlone X Nav collection is unique because

  • Durable. 
  • Easy on pockets. 
  • Simple and elegant designs. 
  • Soft and comfortable.