VLONE News, Latest Collections, and Brand History

Why do Vlone t-shirts, Vlone hoodies, and other items with the phrase “Friends –”emerge? As per ASAP Bari, the negative symbol signifies “zero” or “no friends.” It’s short for alone or VLONE. Even though the brand was black, it had a reputation. People wanted to wear the brand’s clothes. This grew into a renowned premium brand. VLONE’s “Friends” mark was one of the brand’s most memorable designs.

Vlone History

VLONE is a street fashion company founded by Jabari Shelton, also known as A$AP Bari or Young Lord. A$AP Rocky and CLOT’s Edison Chen both represent the brand.

This brand acquired popularity upon being worn by A$AP Mob members and Ian Connor. The company is most known for its extended text logo and “V” stamp, but it has lately evolved into more complex patterns with cut-and-sew parts.

VLONE, like many other companies in the recent streetwear revolution, works primarily online, releasing collections with minimal marketing. Despite this, merchandise sells out quickly and is hard to find. The company also hosts pop-up shops in places including New York, London, and Hong Kong.

VLONE started teasing photos of a collaboration pair of Nike Air Force 1s in VLONE’s signature black-and-orange color scheme towards the end of 2016. The partnership was one of the most anticipated sneaker launches of 2017, with specific versions fetching upwards of $2000.

After announcing the brand’s debut at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018, A$AP Bari took a bold step. Participants included Skepta and A$AP Mob. Rocky and Virgil Abloh unveiled shirts, shirting, jeans, outerwear, accessories, and more. Though hosting a fashion show in Paris was risky for a new business, A$AP seemed to succeed. Bari’s goal is a real fashion label, and VLONE seems poised to grow in the coming months.

VLONE Clothing’s Message

There’s more to VLONE’s history than meets the eye. The mob members claim that the clothing line look has pros and cons. Ian Connor is the good guy. VLONE, he thinks, is more than just being alone. He says that being at the top is lonely, and you must remain detached. He also searches out like-minded people and mentors them to become self-sufficient. Bari, on the other hand, calls it hood fashion. The negative arises from him.


ASAP Bari sparked a lot of debate in 2017. The VLONE ideology isolated him, causing him to self-destruct. Because of his alleged attack of a nude lady in 2017, the team distanced themselves from him. Bari subsequently said he wasn’t receiving the love and attention he needed. Nike severed relations with Bari after learning about the alleged drama. This stunted the VLONE lifestyle brand’s development.

Why else would ASAP Bari do this? Why would he do anything to harm himself and VLONE? Many of Harlem’s tremendous achievements have been followed by dysfunctional strife. Harlem’s soul blooms and dies. In a way, his motto, “Every Living Creative Dies Alone,” became true symbolically for him at this time.

VLONE Lives On

Even before rapper and composer Pop Smoke died, the mob had quite a chance to join up with him and promote their goods in February ’20. Simple hoodies, tees, and bandanas make up the assortment. Most of the merch has a basic V design that reflects the artist’s song. The mob is still thriving in these ways and honoring Pop Smoke. VLONE’s history is far from over.